The Green-Eyed Godess.


22 Years - April 9, 1990

The woman with an attitude.

Happy Birthday Kristen Jaymes Stewart! <3
I just wanna let you know, that you, are my ROLEMODEL. Thank you. Thankyou for teaching me how to step my foot and say “no”. Thank you for making me smile more and more each day. Thankyou for making me feel happy. Thankyou for being the best. :”> Thank you for making me stay true to myself. Thankyou. Just thank you.
HappyBirthday Kristen! I love you! <3 

Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart! :)

Happy 22nd Birthday Kristen!  

Happy 22th Birthday Kristen! You are exceptional, and I hope one day.. I’ll get a chance to tell you that in person. Stay as sweet as you are! I love you. I always have and always will<3